Time for Saladbration!

6 Mar

They work hard to plant all the cool season vegetables in October.

They come out with their class to water and see how the plants are growing.

They constantly ask me “How’s the garden looking?” when they see me in the halls.

Finally, around February each year, our cool season vegetables go crazy.  And then we know it is time for Saladbration!

This year, 5th grade students were responsible for harvesting.  They first learned about harvesting safety- the dos and don’ts.  They they came out and harvested enough for the entire school- 800 students- to enjoy salad. They take their job very seriously. IMG_3755IMG_3754IMG_3759

The harvest included radish, carrots, kale, chard, lettuce, snow peas, beets, cauliflower, and daikon radish.  Delish!  The harvesters got to have a little snacking time at the end as a reward.  They even got to try some things for the very first time.


The next day, every grade level  was greeted in the cafeteria with the option to have a salad sample with their lunch.  We had tons of enthusiasm from all grades and the kids had fun guessing all of the vegetables that were included in the salad.


They love knowing that it came straight from he Titan Garden where so many classes visit every month and learn and help take care of the plants.


Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and our 5th grade harvesters and teachers and our fabulous cafeteria staff.





14 Jan

Loving our annual wildflower tradition. Here’s a little show:

Fall visitors

17 Oct

Fall always brings a flush of blooms and relic among volunteers who have grown tired of the heat. But our favorite fall changes involve insects, which give our students such great insights into life cycles and habitats.  


Another year to grow in the garden

28 Aug IMG_1131

Another school year has begun.  As time goes on, we have so many changes with our garden program.  Volunteers who have been involved move on to middle school, Plants that do well one year suffer during a drought.  Passionate teachers come and go.  But we count our blessings that there always seem to be learning opportunities in the garden.  Sometimes students find them, sometimes teachers, sometimes parents.

013c72b63b7b6752d75fc0b57d12b9baef8363ceb6 IMG_1176 IMG_1140 IMG_1139 IMG_1132 IMG_1131

So we begin another year in the school garden looking forward to taking on challenges and exploring what mother nature has to offer us.  And just hearing that one kid say “This is soooo cool!” makes it worth it.


18 Feb IMG_0834

One of our favorite traditions in the Titan Garden takes place during a cold, not very garden-friendly time of year.  Usually in January or February when the weather is iffy to go outside.  We may score a beautiful hint of spring now and then, but we are still getting the cold days down into the 30s and 40s.  But during this time of year, something beautiful is going on outside in our vegetable garden.  The winter vegetables, which don’t mind the chill, are really coming along.  The beautiful lettuce and colorful cauliflower and broccoli.  Snow and snap peas.  Cabbage and chard.  And the carrots, hidden beneath the soil making you wonder if they are growing at all.

IMG_9737 IMG_9735 IMG_9734

So we had a wonderful harvest thanks to some very warmly dressed volunteers.  Each grade got to enjoy freshly-made salad from the Titan Garden with orange and red carrots, kale, lettuce, white and purple cauliflower, broccoli and snow peas.  IMG_0834IMG_0830IMG_0829Then they voted for their favorite vegetable in the saladbration.  With the younger kids, carrots was the clear winner.  But we had quite a spread of votes votes for the older kids, with many loving the broccoli because they had seen the bright yellow flowers it producesIMG_7637IMG_7638

Thank you to our food services staff for giving us great support in the prep for the event and to the amazing volunteers who put in lots of time to prepare and serve.

Winter in the garden

2 Feb






Winter may seem slow to some, but the garden always seems to surprise you when you think nothing is going on. The Titan garden winter vegetable garden has really taken off. With broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, kale, radish, carrots, cabbage, and more, there’s no shortage of activity or color. Our lucky garden volunteers who are caring for the garden right now are really getting the pay off in their harvest.

Soon it will be spring, and time to plant the vegetables that usually get most of the attention of the year. But the quiet winter garden is a lovely place and the vegetables can’t be beat.

Beauty in nature

14 Jan Titan Garden 2014

Titan Garden 2014

The annual nature wreath sessions were bigger than ever this year with 23 classes participating.  Over two days, we had students from all grade levels visit the garden and create gorgeous wreaths our of materials from nature.  Some brought contributions from their own gardens, others scoured the cuttings that had been brought by volunteers.  And time after time, we were amazed as each wreath came out incredibly unique and absolutely gorgeous.  Those kids sure know how to decorate.  We loved watching the kindergarteners who decorate without any sense of holding back.  If it is within eyesight, it is going to get added to their wreath.  And then the 5th graders.  Sure they act cool at first, but then they get their decorating hats on and it is suddenly like we have 25 Martha Stewart’s trying to run the show.  One of my favorite moments was when the 5th graders whipped out their phones to Instagram their creation.


Thank you to all of the teachers and volunteers who made the annual event possible and successful.  We look forward to even more classes next year…but we may have to get a longer fence to showcase them all!


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