Gardening Tips & Maintenance

12 Oct
  • Once your gardening plan is made, you may purchase your plants/seeds wherever you like. Local nurseries will have the best knowledge of the plants and best selections. A list of local garden nurseries can be found at:
  • In general when buying plants, you are better off buying a small specimen of the desired plant (like 4” pot) If available rather than a large specimen (like a gallon pot) as the smaller plant will acclimate faster and start growing roots. Seeds are fine in most situations, but make sure they can be planted directly in the ground as opposed to starting indoors.
  • You can submit your receipts and check request form for reimbursement in the PTA box in the workroom. The form is located on the PTA website:
  • The beds are filled with a garden soil amended with compost. The soil is ideal for growing plants and we will amend it with compost every year to continue to add organic matter for the plants’ health.
  • Mulch should be applied about 2-3” thick around all plants once the beds are planted (supplied by PTA and left in storage bin). Should more mulch be needed, please contact:
    Rebecca Cole at
  • General watering recommendations are that beds should be watered 1x/week whether by rain or manually. There is a water outlet located under the orange ground-level lid just to the east of the beds. The hook-up spigot can be checked out from the front desk.
    • Pop off the orange lid with the screwdriver located in the storage bin
    • Lift the yellow cap
    • Attach the hook-up spigot and turn ¼ turn
    • Once hose from storage bin is attached to the spigot, open the circular valve on top of the spigot by turning it.
    • Please return hose to storage bin and spigot to front office after use.
  • Applications of organic fertilizer will be made every so often by PTA volunteers. If your garden has a special need for fertilizer, please let your gardening liaison know.

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