Gardening Topics and Activities

12 Oct

Here are some ideas for tying in gardening with your classroom subjects like math, science, art, social studies, etc.

  • Have students observe something in the garden and draw or paint it.
  • Use math skills to measure the garden and create a planting plan.
  • Graph the growth of plants
  • Discuss why deer avoid eating certain plants
  • Write poetry, haiku or stories inspired by the garden
  • Create a presentation/bulletin board to showcase the grades garden for parents
  • Make leaf prints
  • Teach about plant selection based on light, size, color and let them help with plant selection
  • Seed germination – what conditions are needed, what plant parts can you see
  • Seed germination rates- chart how fast and growth rate
  • Plant propagation- take root or leaf cuttings to grow new plants
  • Organic gardening- how to garden without pesticides
  • Landscape design- what colors complement each other, how to arrange plants according to height
  • Butterflies- stages of growth and to what plants they are attracted
  • Beneficial insects- most insects are garden helpers
  • Make wind chimes for the garden
  • Seasons- what plants grow at different times of year
  • Make a scarecrow
  • Have the kids make a gardening calendar highlighting class responsibilities for watering and garden visits.
  • Discuss how people at other times in history or in other cultures may have gardened.
  • Use library to find books on how to plant seeds, how plants grow or how they are used.

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