Getting Started

12 Oct

What is Titan Garden?
River Place Elementary (RPE) Titan Garden consists of 9 raised beds constructed by PTA volunteers for use by the teachers and students at RPE. Each grade will be assigned one raised bed they can plant and maintain as they choose. There are a couple of extra beds for larger special projects and if you want to reserve those for a special seasonal project, please let us know. Currently 2 of these beds being sponsored by the River Place Garden Club. The beds all receive sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon, so choosing plants that can tolerate part shade is important. We do host a lot of deer in our area, so please be aware of that and do your best to choose deer-resistant plants. Because of the deer and the lack of full sun, vegetables may not be the best choice for planting in this location, but many herbs will work well. Consult our included plant lists for good plant choices.

Why did we create it?

The River Place PTA wanted to offer teachers and students additional opportunities to explore nature and have an outdoor learning environment. A garden can give classes a plethora of teachable moments such as interaction with nature, an emphasis on caring for living things, a focus on teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment when the gardens grow.

When is it available?
The gardens are open as of October 1, 2009. The River Place Garden Club and PTA have partnered together to plant the first two beds to kick off the opening of the gardens. You are welcome to take your class out to the gardens at any time. The plants have been labeled to make identification easier.

How do we move forward?
The PTA is funding a $20 per teacher budget to get started in buying plants. Each grade level will have a designated Garden Buddy to help with gardening activities as the teachers need them. In addition, the RPE PTA Gardening Committee stands ready to assist in whatever way we can help.

We have located a storage bin by the garden that contains trowels, a water hose and sprayer. The hook-up for the water spigot can be checked out from the front office to start the water flow for watering with the hose. If there are other supplies that you need, please contact Rebecca Cole at

We know it can be hard to get started on a project like this. So here are some recommended steps:

  • Meet with the other teachers in your grade level. You are encouraged to invite your Garden Buddies to attend – they are a good source of information.
  • Discuss what the goal of your grade’s garden will be. You will be provided a sheet on possible garden themes for some ideas.
  • Create a Garden Planning Sheet to help you design a planting and maintenance plan that will keep your garden happy and healthy.
  • If you have planting questions or concerns, please contact your Garden Buddy.

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