Annuals offer flower power

28 Oct

Even though the weather is turning cold, you can still enjoy some flower power in the Titan Garden. Many people add color to their garden beds by planting annuals along with their perennials. Annuals are plants that last for one season, then die, typically with a change in season. There are warm and cool season annuals. Perennials are plants that lives for many years and is either evergreen or may die back to the ground but reemerge from roots in the next season.

There are some great cool season annuals that can be added to your garden bed; here are a few:

Alyssum: Low spreading plant. Many small fragrant white flowers fall-early summer. Sun/part shade. 6” high, 10” wide. Low maintenance.

Cyclamen:Low mound. Plant in fall for fall color. Shooting star like flowers in red, magenta, lavender, red-orange, pink or white, often with a red eye, in fall. Foliage frequently mottled. Light shade. 6-12” high, 9-12” apart. Take inside in winter; loses leaves in summer.

Dianthus: Perennial used as an annual. Single red, magenta, pink, or white flowers, some with dark circle around eye, in fall and again in spring. Sun/part shade.12-18” high, 12-16” wide.

Snapdragon: Upright plants. Tubular flowers in red, pink, lavender, salmon, apricot, yellow and white in fall and again in spring. Sun/part shade. 6-36” high, 6-10” wide.

Fall is also a great time to plant herbs, either from seed or plants. So consider planting herbs like cilantro and dill.


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