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Demonstration beds blooming

13 Nov

The two demonstration beds at the Titan Garden are really showing off now that the plants have had time to settle in and establish their roots.  The miscanthus grass in the center has sent out its beautiful fronds which will remain until it is trimmed back at the end of winter.  Our chili pequin is busy decorating itself for the holidays by turning it’s little peppers red, like little Christmas lights. 

Another plant putting on a show right now is the Lion’s Tail.  This drought tolerant perennial is very attractive to bees and butterflies.  It’s fuzzy, orange tubular flowers grow in whorls up the stem and you can’t help but let it catch your eye.


5th graders plant their garden!

13 Nov

The 5th grade garden is planted and filled with the potential of all of the wonderful seeds they have put in the ground.  First, they planted Bachelor Button’s, also called Cornflower.  This is a drought tolerant annual plant that does well just about anywhere.  They come in a variety of colors (we’ll have to wait until Spring to know what the 5th graders planted!) and are attractive to bees, butterflies and birds.  

They also planted seeds for carrots and butterfly flowers.   Hopefully we’ll be seeing some carrot tops emerge soon.  For sure, we’ll be making butterflies very happy with the butterfly flowers that they planted.

3rd Grade Garden is Planted!

12 Nov

Great job 3rd graders! Your garden looks wonderful.

The 3rd grade chose some beautiful leafy plants for their planting bed during the cool season. A beautiful pot of alyssum is growing in the center.

They also created two bamboo tee-pee trellises for their snap pea seeds to climb.

Around the pot are different types of leafy greens like romaine lettuce and swiss chard, herbs like sage and lemon thyme, and other plants like broccoli.

Each class was met by some of the “garden buddies” when they came out to the garden in 10 minute shifts. The children were divided into groups of 3, each with his/her own job: 1 child dug a hole, 1 child removed the plant from the plastic pot and placed it in the hole, 1 child fertilized and filled the hole. Everyone helped mulch, and each child got to plant some snap pea and radish seeds.

The whole project took only one hour, with each class spending 10 minutes outside to plant their allotted plants and seeds. It was an effort in cooperation that left all the kids proud of their accomplishment!

Mrs. Paschall’s class even planned some time to come back out for reading at the picnic tables and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Wildflower Stomp!

3 Nov

The Wildflower Stomp is Tuesday, Nov. 3, from 10:30-1:00….
if you have time please come and help!