Kindergarten gets their garden bed going!

7 Dec

This last week, the River Place Kindergarten classes did a fantastic job of getting their LARGE bed planted with all kinds of wonderful plants.  Each class came out and planted a portion of the 8′ x 8′ bed, creating a beautiful, seamless design that includes seeds, plants and bulbs.

Each class was divided into groups and each group took a turn at activities, including

  • digging the dirt to loosen it up for planting
  • planting a plant, seed or bulb
  • smelling different types of herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil
  • taking a tour of the other beds to see what other classes have planted
  • decorating the agave for the center of their bed with Christmas ornaments

We had so much great garden energy, that we even dug in the unplanted beds to loosen the soil for other classes who had not yet planted!

     We got lots of great photos, so please enjoy this slide show

    Our planting plan included lots of fun plants to tickle their senses including:

    Narcissus Bulbs:  The Kindergarteners loved tucking their bulbs in for their winter nap, knowing that they will pop up when the weather gets warmer with beautiful blooms and wonderful smells.

    Dusty Miller:  This silvery plant is a wonderful winter planting that lights up a garden bed.  It feels soft too and is fun to touch.

    Snapdragons:  The soft red snapdragons that they planted lend a wonderful color to the bed and are fun to look at.

    Thyme:  They planted orange and regular thyme, both of which are fun to smell.

    Lamb’s Ear:  Another silvery blue plant, this one has leaves that feel like a lamb’s ear and are great to rub against a cheek.

    Rosemary:  We all love smelling the wonderful scent of rosemary.  Evergreen and very drought tolerant.

    Agave:  The Kindergarten has a beautiful agave in the center pot of their bed, and chose to decorate it with ornaments to celebrate the holiday season. 

    Sweet Pea:  We planted seeds of this beautiful vine and will put in trellises for it to climb when they sprout.

    Kindergarten will have a great time coming out in the future and using their eyes, noses, and hands  to experience all their plants have to offer!


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