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3rd grade vegetable patch

25 Jan

What a beautiful patch of cool season vegetables have been grown by the 3rd graders. They have a variety of cool season greens, including chard, romaine, red and green leaf lettuces. IN addition, they are growing broccoli, which is developing nicely, although now broccoli head has appeared yet. So, when will the 3rd grade be making us all a lovely salad for lunch?


1st Graders have some new visitors…

25 Jan

Hey 1st graders! Have you seen your garden lately? Because you have some beautiful new visitors playing peek-a-boo, just poking the tips of their leaves out of the ground. Your bulbs are starting to appear and we can’t wait to see what the flowers look like.

Kindergarten bed begins to sprout!

25 Jan

Along with the already present cool season plantings in the kindergarten bed, some new residents are beginning to emerge. The bulbs and seeds in the kindergarten bed have begun to make an appearance thanks to the recent cold spell followed by warmer weather. The Kindergarten classes planted about 50 Narcissus bulbs along the center of their bed along with sweet pea seeds on either side.

The Narcissus bulbs should give quite the show in spring when they fill the space with color and frgrance.

Once the sweet pea seeds really start to grow long, a teepee trellis will be installed so they can climb upward.

Great planting, kindergarten!

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Things happening below the cold ground…

8 Jan

Just because we have some recent cold weather doesn’t mean our plants in the Titan Garden are at a standstill.  Below the cold ground, seeds and bulbs are busy storing energy to send up spring foliage.  And some of the seeds have already started.  In the picture, you can see the sweet pea seeds planted by the kindergarten classes just emerging from the ground. 

Sweet peas bloom best before the heat of summer comes on so many gardeners plant them in our mild winters and give them a head start.  We have them covered to protect them from this unusual arctic blast of cold weather and we hope they’ll continue growing strong.  Once they get tall anough, we’ll put in a trellis for them to climb, as sweet peas are a climbing vine. 

First graders add color to their gardening bed

8 Jan
The first grade planted their garden on December 9th. It was a VERY cold day but each class came out and took turns preparing the dirt and planting several plants. They planted purple pansies, red cyclamen, and alyssum. In addition, they planted herbs – rosemary, thyme, oregano, and lavender. They added some bulbs to the bed to emerge in the spring and give everyone a wonderful surprise.  Great job, first graders.  We’re excited to see your plants grow!