Kindergarten and 3rd Grade team up for planting!

22 Apr

The Titan Gardens enjoyed class cooperation last week as some kindergartners and their third grade buddies planted together in the beds.

A few weeks ago , Mrs. Smith’s kindergarten class decided they wanted to plant seeds in newspaper pots, first to see them sprout in the classroom and then to transfer the plants to the garden.  They chose corn and sunflowers as their seeds and each student picked which one to plant in their newspaper pot.  The pots were great for this project since they would decompose once planted outside in the beds and would mean we would not need to transfer the young seedling out of the pot. 

Third-grade buddies joined the kindergarten class outside to help them plant their crop.  We would plant the corn pots into the middle of the third grade bed, allowing them to add other plantings as they were ready.  Sunflower seeds would be planted in the SLE bed.  The older buddies helped their younger friends dig holes to the right depth and plop their pots into the hold, covering them gently.

After all of the pots were planted, The group contributed one more item to the garden.  Mrs. Smith’s class had experimented with recycling a clear, plastic strawberry container into a mini-greenhouse for basil seeds.  The seeds had sprouted well, enjoying the moisture they got in the closed container.  We planted the basil sprouts into one of the demonstration beds to fill an area where a plant had not returned after the freeze.  Basil has such a strong aroma that deer will usually avoid nibbling, so we knew it would be safe. 

Great job to Mrs. Smith’s kindergarten class and their third grade buddies. We’ll keep  a close eye on those corn and sunflower plants to see how they are doing. 


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