Wildflowers in full bloom!

18 May

The wildflower seeds that RPE students tomped into the ground last fall are really putting on quite a show.  The field next to the Titan Garden is awash in color from yellow to red to purple.  You can see some of the following flowers if you take a walk out to the field:

Bee Balm, also known as horsemint,this native annual grows from Missouri to Kansas to Mexico. Aromatic foliage makes it deer resistant. Citridora is used as a natural insect repellent, and when it is plentiful you can grab a handful of leaves and rub them on your skin to keep the bugs away. Native Americans incorporated the use of Lemon Mint leaves for edible greens, seasoning, and as an aromatic tea. This plant will reseed itself.  

Clasping Leaf Coneflower is a beautiful yellow petaled flower with maroon dots toward the center and a protruding seed head. It  is named for the way the base of the leaves clasp themselves around the stem of the plant. Range is Georgia to Texas.

Indian blanket, with its color bands or yellow to orange to red, is a very showy flower in wildflower gardens.Sometimes referred to as Firewheel, it blooms from May to July and sometimes later, and appears just as the Texas Bluebonnets are finishing.

Here’s hoping all the kids get a chance to go out and enjoy the wildflower show!


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