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Fourth Graders Making Birds Happy!

17 Nov

This week, the 4th grade garden buddies went to art with Ms Higginbotham’s class and painted and assembled these bird feeders. Thank you to Ms Schexnayder for helping us create these bird feeders for the garden out of recycled materials!   Please come see them hanging in the garden and feeding neighborhood birds.

Shout out to all the 3rd grade gardeners!

14 Nov

  Way to go, 3rd graders!


With beautiful weather making it a great day to be in the Titan Gardens, the third graders came out to plant their sensory garden. They did a great job naming the 5 senses and then identifying what senses were used when planting snapdragons, pepper and rosemary plants. The bulbs they planted will be a magnificent surprise and a treat for our visual sense in the spring. The seeds will bring more herbs to the garden before Christmas break- and who can resist smelling them?

After each class planted their share of the garden, it was off to the wildflower area to run and jump in the sunshine. It was so much fun!!! Then back to class and their studies. We can’t wait to see our garden grow!

Titans Go a Stompin’

8 Nov

Our annual wildflower stomp took place October 26th!  And boy, did we get some expert stompers out in the garden.  Every grade came out to the wildflower field to help spread and stomp wildflower seeds.  This year, our seed purchase is aided by a $50 seed grant from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Check out our slideshow of the super-stomping Titans doing their best to seed the field.

Thanks to all of the parents who came out to join us and we look forward to showing off our wildflower field come springtime!

Kindergarten gets dirty in the garden!

5 Nov

A few weeks ago, our kindergarten classes came out to the garden for the very first time to plant their cool weather bed.  Garden buddies had helped to plan a sensory garden for our youngest students with plants that  affect our senses-sight, touch, taste,and smell- and maybe even hearing if the wind is blowing!  From the beautiful colors that soothe the eye, and the rustling of the ornamental grasses, to the smell of herbs that can be used in our salads and meals, to the soft touch of a lambs ear plant.  The kinder gardeners learned about what plants they would be planting and were very enthusiastic about all the different plants that they could see, hear, touch, smell, and eventually taste.  The kids helped garden buddies to plant their bed, learning how to dig the right size hole and how to transfer the plant into the bed. 

In addition to planting, the kindergartners explored the rest of the garden, using their senses, to check out what all the other grades had planted.  They got to smell herbs, see bright colors on annuals in the other grades’ beds, and got to see a caterpillar munching happily on the bronze fennel plant in the demonstration bed.

A great start to gardening for the kindergarten classes- thanks to the garden buddies, teachers and kids for all their hard work!


4th grade showcases Texas plants in the garden

1 Nov
The 4th grade classes took time a few weeks ago to come out and plant their fall garden. To complement their study of Texas history, the Garden Buddies helped design a native Texas bed for the students to plant.
The focal point of the bed is a trellis painted with the Texas flag, made from recycled materials.  Plants in the garden include chile pequin, autumn sage, Mexican bush sage, hot lips salvia, lindheimer muhly grass, verbena, blackfoot daisy, and turk’s cap.  These perennials grow with little care in Texas and also attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. They also planted our state flower, the bluebonnet.  Climbing pea vines are planted at the base of the trellis to start climbing.  Students dug up the bed to soften the soil, fertilized, and planted the new plants.  While in the garden, students learned the difference between a perennial, a plant that lives for more than two years, and an annual, a plant that lives just one year.  
In addition to planting, the students learned about the importance of water conservation when choosing plants and how this helps to save our water source, Lake Travis.  They got to see the new water-wise drip irrigation system that was installed in the Titan Gardens this fall. 
Check out the fourth grade bed if you get the chance.  They have some fabulous plant labels that tell all about the chosen plants. Great job, 4th grade!