4th grade showcases Texas plants in the garden

1 Nov
The 4th grade classes took time a few weeks ago to come out and plant their fall garden. To complement their study of Texas history, the Garden Buddies helped design a native Texas bed for the students to plant.
The focal point of the bed is a trellis painted with the Texas flag, made from recycled materials.  Plants in the garden include chile pequin, autumn sage, Mexican bush sage, hot lips salvia, lindheimer muhly grass, verbena, blackfoot daisy, and turk’s cap.  These perennials grow with little care in Texas and also attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. They also planted our state flower, the bluebonnet.  Climbing pea vines are planted at the base of the trellis to start climbing.  Students dug up the bed to soften the soil, fertilized, and planted the new plants.  While in the garden, students learned the difference between a perennial, a plant that lives for more than two years, and an annual, a plant that lives just one year.  
In addition to planting, the students learned about the importance of water conservation when choosing plants and how this helps to save our water source, Lake Travis.  They got to see the new water-wise drip irrigation system that was installed in the Titan Gardens this fall. 
Check out the fourth grade bed if you get the chance.  They have some fabulous plant labels that tell all about the chosen plants. Great job, 4th grade!

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