Kindergarten gets dirty in the garden!

5 Nov

A few weeks ago, our kindergarten classes came out to the garden for the very first time to plant their cool weather bed.  Garden buddies had helped to plan a sensory garden for our youngest students with plants that  affect our senses-sight, touch, taste,and smell- and maybe even hearing if the wind is blowing!  From the beautiful colors that soothe the eye, and the rustling of the ornamental grasses, to the smell of herbs that can be used in our salads and meals, to the soft touch of a lambs ear plant.  The kinder gardeners learned about what plants they would be planting and were very enthusiastic about all the different plants that they could see, hear, touch, smell, and eventually taste.  The kids helped garden buddies to plant their bed, learning how to dig the right size hole and how to transfer the plant into the bed. 

In addition to planting, the kindergartners explored the rest of the garden, using their senses, to check out what all the other grades had planted.  They got to smell herbs, see bright colors on annuals in the other grades’ beds, and got to see a caterpillar munching happily on the bronze fennel plant in the demonstration bed.

A great start to gardening for the kindergarten classes- thanks to the garden buddies, teachers and kids for all their hard work!


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