1st graders start weekly visits to Titan Garden

22 Feb

This past week, the 1st graders came out for the first of what will be weekly visits to the Titan Garden.  We are so grateful to the teachers for making the time to bring the kids out and we hope to reinforce many of the lessons that they are learning inside in this outdoor classroom setting.

The kids began their visits as we will begin every visit, with Observation Time.  They took a few minutes to walk around the garden and notice things they they might not have noticed before.  What was the most popular observation this week?  “The plants are dead!”.  Great observation…but look closer- are they all dead?  Thank goodness, no!

Next, we talked about the different parts of plants:  roots, stems, leaves, fruit, seeds, flowers.  An we took the grocery store challenge by asking them to guess what part of the plant each item from the grocery store was.  Give it a try!

If you said stem, root, fruit, leaf and flower, you get an A+!

Our final activity was to plant our potato towers with our seed potatoes.  The kids will be watching as these potatoes grow and keeping track of their height, practicing their measuring skills and creating a chart of growth. But first, they had to prepare the soil we added to the tower.  Next, the potatoes went in.

And finally, the gardeners got to water the plant, making sure to use our special watering cups so that the water went on gentle.


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