First graders use their butterfly sense

21 Mar
If you have been around any first graders lately, then you know the hot news is CATERPILLARS.  The first graders have been raising caterpillars in their classrooms and most have now gone into their chrysalis stage. So when the first grade classes came out to the garden this past week, they had a surprise in store for them.  It was time for THEM to act like butterflies.

Each of the students received a cup that was stapled shut.  Inside each cup was a source of a smell.  And each cup had a partner with the same smell.  The first graders were on a mission to find their partner with the same smell.  But the tricky part was that they had to act like butterflies, using their sense of smell to find the right matching smell WITHOUT TALKING!  Have you ever been around 22 first graders in complete silence?  It’s a little eerie, let me tell you. 

But they did a great job silently walking up to their classmates and sniffing cups to see if they matched.  Some of the smells included popcorn, vinegar, peppermint, vanilla, and lemon.  And after they found their match, we played one more round where we got to see how fast the teachers could find their match.

Here’s hoping we have lots of butterflies waiting for them when the first graders return from spring break.


2 Responses to “First graders use their butterfly sense”

  1. ConsciousGardener March 22, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    How awesome…I wonder if I could quiet a noisy High School classroom with the same activity! Ha! Great idea! How wonder-full!

  2. Meredith March 23, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

    That's a brilliant idea! I hope you have lots of butterflies!

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