Kindergarten lets the bugs out of jail

12 Apr

Over the past few weeks, many of the kindergarten classes have been visiting the Titan Gardens  with their parent volunteer garden buddies to learn more about seeds and ladybugs.  The seed lesson began with discussion about what a seed needed to grow.  Then each child was given a popsicle stick to write their name on and either a corn, sunflower or bean to plant.  The sticks were to mark their seed locations so they could watch them grow. I checked last week and many of the seeds have already sprouted.

The second lesson focused on ladybugs.  Did you know there are 5,000 varieties of ladybugs, with over 400 varieties in the US?  The students talked about what they eat, that they flap their wings 85 times per second and their life cycle.  We also discussed how WE like ladybugs in our garden not only because they are pretty but also because they are beneficial to the plants as aphid eaters.    But enough of the lesson…the real action began when the kids enjoyed a Ladybug Jailbreak.

With 3 sacks of purchased ladybugs (about 6,000 bugs) we began the fun and quickly learned that :
1.)  6,000 ladybugs is a lot of ladybugs
2.)  Once the ladybug bag was open, our chances of continuing our educational discussion rapidly fell to zero.

But the kids had a GREAT time.  There were ladybugs crawling all over everyone as we dispensed them straight from the bag into a sea of outstretched little cupped hands. End of the day, all seeds were planted, all ladybugs were paroled, and everyone was happy. Thanks to the Kindergarten Garden Buddies for organizing and teaching! 


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