Passion flower in the Titan Gardens

16 Apr
We were thrilled and so grateful earlier this year when the Sustainable Food Center gave us a grant to add a trellis to our garden.  Our intention was to increase our butterfly habitat by growing passion vine on the trellis which is a favorite food of the gulf fritillary caterpillar.  That’s him below, getting ready to turn into a chrysallis in my garden last fall. 

These guys LOVE passion vine and they’ll munch it as long as there is plant left and then turn into a chrysallis right in the same area.  Our hope is to showcase this wonderful cycle at all stages in the garden for the students to observe.  Well, our passion vine has been growing…fast.  The first graders have been marking off the growth with me on the trellis and I’d say we are gaining 6-8″ every WEEK in height!  And while this is pretty cool to see, the passion vine has another cool attribute, it’s flower.

 People who see it for the first time say it is like no other flower they have ever seen.  I was lucky enough to be out in the garden with some students watering last Monday when our first flower on the new passion vine bloomed.  I hope to see many more. 


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