How does our garden grow?

3 May

Last week, the first graders got up close and personal with the plants in the Titan Gardens.  Armed with magnifying glasses, their assignment was to observe a specific plant with their team up close to notice things about it.  Did it show signs of being used as food or shelter for insects?  Was it flowering?  Had it produced seeds yet?  What shape were the leaves?  How were the leaves arranged on the stem?

They have been learning about the different stages of plant growth in their classroom so investigating to find out what stage a specific plant was at in the garden helps them to put their lessons to work in the real world. 

We have continued to tend to our potato plants- noticing that some of them are REALLY growing big necessitating more lumber to be added to the potato tower so we can add leaf mulch around the stems where the potatoes will be produced.  And we have continued charting the growth of our beans-practicing gathering data to use in a bar chart.  Between the 4th and 5th week of measuring, our beans nearly doubled in size, surprising most everyone who predicted growth would slow down.  Now, if only those beans will come out before the end of school!!


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