Expansion Plan for the Titan Garden

25 May

Exciting things have been happening in the Titan Gardens at River Place Elementary.  Over the past few months, we have been piloting an idea to incorporate weekly outdoor class time in the Titan Gardens teaching activities that reinforce in-classroom curriculum.  Some of our lessons have included measuring area, understanding how insects use their senses, learning how interdependent plant and animals are in a habitat, observing native plants, learning how to read a thermometer, collecting data and creating charts and understanding how plants life cycles.

With the school adminstration’s support, we have proposed a plan to expand this weekly class program next year.  In order to support the program, we have also proposed to expand the physical footprint of our garden and our plan has been approved by Leander ISD.  That’s our expansion plan up above (click on it to get a better look) and we are thrilled that it would offer more for our program like an outdoor classroom structure, compost bins, rainwater harvesting, food growing beds, native plantings, and an herb bed. 

In addition, last week we heard from Malt-O-Meal that the Titan Gardens had won the grand prize in their Greenest Classroom, an award of $2500.  This is a huge first step for us to begin our expansion project and we thank Malt-O-Meal for this incredible award and thank all of the teachers, parents, students, and friends who supported us by voting and keeping us in the top 10 to advance to the judged portion of the contest.

A great way to end the school year!


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