1st graders end the year showing off potatoes

26 May

Last week, the first grade classes finished up their weekly classes in the Titan Gardens with two activities.  The first was the harvesting of the potatoes.  Even though it is a bit early for the harvest, we wanted the kids to get a chance to dig up their potato plants. Since we had a few varieties of potatoes, we knew that one class’ harvest might differ from another.

All but one class had multiple potatoes on the plants they dug up.  And the one that didn’t have as many on all of their plants?  It was the class that had the tallest potato plants all season, “Yukon Gold” variety.   We discussed with the kids how plants can put energy toward growing tall or producing fruits and vegetables, but sometimes they don’t have enough energy to do both in such a short period of time. And sometimes our growing seasons don’t match up perfectly with our school season, so we were definitely digging these guys up a bit early. 

Here they are proudly showing off their potato plants with the little potatoes sticking out. 

So maybe not enough for potato salad for everyone, but we had a blast growing them.  Moms and dads, don’t be surprised when your little one starts sneaking potatoes out of the kitchen and planting them in the ground.  You just might wait to see if anything comes up!

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