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First phase of Titan Garden expansion begins!

28 Jun

After many months of planning, applications, and approvals, we are happy to announce that work on the expansion of the Titan Gardens has begun.  This past week brought a flurry of activity.  Below, you can see the forms being laid out where concrete will be poured for the foundation of the outdoor classroom. The outdoor classroom will have a storage area and a covered class area.  Hard work went into making sure the form was level and straight along all sides.  And believe me, that dirt out in the field is NOT easy to dig in. 

So it is REALLY impressive to see the end result of two days of digging in that hard, compressed soil.  You can see the trenches where the concrete will be poured in to form the foundation beams, shown by Titan Jack Martin and future Titan and little sister Alexandra Martin.  Their dad John Martin, who is serving as General Contractor on the project, is all smiles because the digging is done for the day!  Whose bright idea was this to build in the middle of summer????

The holes for the main foundation and the smaller foundations for the columns of the classroom all have to be dug down 2 feet.  Jack and Alexandra show off one of the column foundation ditches below, figuring out whether they can hide from their mom. 

Concrete is scheduled to be poured this week so we’ll post more pictures.  Watch for more activity mid-July when the framing for the classroom will go up followed by the roof and siding.  Go Titans!