New outdoor classroom at Titan Gardens!

26 Jul
The week for building our new outdoor classroom at the Titans Garden finally arrived last week, and we were happy to have some great volunteers to help us get this project going.  John Martin of Straight & Level Construction has donated his time serving as our general contractor and builder on this project and has helped us to gain volunteer time from other contractors and subcontractors.  Brandon Gibbs from Above the Plane is another area contractor who donated his time.  Finally, Mike Reichert from the Home Depot at Four Points and his wife Rina from the Pflugerville Home Depot donated their time as well. Huge thanks to all of them for working some long hours in VERY hot weather. 


Mike Reichert helping frame outdoor classroom
Outdoor classroom storage area framed

Windows in and structure wrapped

Installing front posts for covered class area

John Martin preparing decking on roof

Mike Reichert on the saw
Jack Martin, RPE 2nd grader, helps his dad install ceiling planks

John Martin, Brandon Gibbs, and Mike Reichert, supervised by 2nd grader Jack Martin

Finishing touches on structure

Next steps, roof installation, gutters and rain barrels.  Now, if only we could have rain!

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