Painting workdays at the Titan Gardens new classroom

31 Jul
This weekend we had two workdays where volunteers helped paint the new outdoor classroom at the Titan Gardens.  Huge thanks to all of the volunteers that showed up to help.  Old and young, little and big, everyone did their part.  We had current Titans and future Titans, Titan families and community volunteers.  From siding to trim to the underside of the roof, they got the job done.

It takes all sizes of painters!

Roger Gregory reaches high to get the trim.  Roger even showed up for more work on Sunday!

Roger Gregory and future Titan Alexandra Martin make sure everything is covered
Austin Brown and Jack Martin put on a second coat on the back wall

Titans Sophie Robinson and Jack Martin on the job with Alex Martin

John Martin and Roger Gregory start painting the ceiling

Lisa Pizinger takes care of the trim

John Boyle and son Evan (not pictured) helped make sure our classroom is ready for the fall
Naomi Moore, Lisa Pizinger and Matt Robinson working on the back wall

Titans on the job included Aaron and Ryan Radloff, Sophie Robinson, Jack Martin, Alex and Harry Wilby, and Evan Boyle.   With our volunteers on Saturday and small but mighty “get it done” crew on Sunday, we were able to get all of the painting and sealing done on the classroom and have it ready for our students! 

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