Titan Garden News: September 19, 2011

19 Sep

The grip of hot weather just won’t seem to let go and allow fall to roll in.  Just as we are tired of the heat, so are the plants.  Fall is typically a resurrection time for many of our native plants who might go into a second bloom cycle before winter.  And stress has affected plants from the smallest flower to the tallest tree all around Central Texas.

But this is a time when students can learn a lot about the needs of living things in the garden.  Specifically, plants need light, air, nutrients, water and soil.  How does this compare to what we need to survive?  What happens if plants don’t get one of these things, like lacking water in a drought?

Titan Garden Activity Ideas

  •  Take students out and see if they can observe evidence of plants lacking water.  Is water important to us as well?
  • Take students to the garden and have them observe the trees.  Ask them to notice ways the trees are the same (growing direction, parts, needs) and different (shape of leaves, size of tree)
  •   If you have been discussing good citizenship, let students think of ways we are good citizens in the garden- growing plants for other species to enjoy, increasing out green space, giving a beautiful space for all to enjoy)
  •  Discuss living and nonliving things in the garden and have students find examples of each.  How do we know if something is living?

If you’d like garden volunteers to help teach one of the activities above to your class, contact me at my email.

Upcoming Events:

*      Teacher tour of the garden –Sept 21/Oct 5 (TBD)
*      Great Titan Garden Build workday- families and community welcome – October 15, 22
*      Fall wildflower stomp and student planting days-week of October 24th


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