Titan Garden Teacher Newsletter: Week of September 26, 2011

26 Sep

Exciting things are happening in the Titan Gardens.  Look for all the new additions to our outdoor classroom including new supplies for your class use and a new 3′ x 5′ dry erase board at the front of the classroom for you to use while your class it sitting on our stump seats. We will be adding a teacher sign in sheet for you to indicate you’ve visited the garden.  We’d love to know you’re using this new resource.

Our Titan Gardens Community Build Day is scheduled for Saturday October 15th, 9am-3pm.  Thanks to generous grants from companies including Home Depot and Malt O Meal, we have funding to continue our school garden expansion project at River Place Elementary.  We are inviting all members of our school, community, and volunteers from Home Depot to help us build the new sections of our garden:  vegetable gardens, an herb garden, and native and adapted plant garden.  We hope to have many teachers, parents, students and community members join together to get the job done!

Titan Garden Activity Ideas

  •     When younger students are learning about the calendar and seasons, the garden is a great place to talk to them about seasonal weather changes and how living things like plants respond to those changes.
  •      Learning about earth materials- teach your students about soil is built!
  •     Habitats are perfect lessons for the garden- and a great way to teach about how living things depend on each other.
  •     Learning about maps?  Have your students create a map of a section of the garden.

Upcoming Events:

  •     Titan Gardens Community Build Day- families and community welcome – October 15, 9am-3pm
  •     Fall wildflower stomp for all grades- PARENTS WELCOME!-Monday, October 24th
  •     Teacher tour of the garden –October 26th

If you have questions or would like volunteers to help your class learn in the garden, please contact me.


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