News from the Titan Gardens: Week of October 3, 2011

4 Oct

Does it seem like the same old plants are out in the garden?  You’re right.  Because we have our installation coming to expand the garden in just two weeks, we are letting plants recover from the high temperatures in order to transplant them to new areas of the garden.  At that time, most of our old grade-level beds will be cleared out. These beds will be available to any teacher who might want to do some planting for a specific lesson or class project.  Want to use one of the beds?  Just let me know and we will reserve it for you for whatever time period you need it!

Cooler temperatures are bringing new blooms to the garden as plants recover from the heat.  Just this week, I noticed Blackfoot Daisy with small white blooms and Turk’s Cap with its little red bonnet blooms.

Upcoming Events:

  • Titan Gardens Community Build Day- families, staff and community welcome – October 15, 9am-3pm.  Please join with teachers, parents and students to help build our new garden areas.     
  • Fall wildflower stomp-Monday, October 24th
  • Teacher tour of the garden –October 26th

Titan Garden Activity Ideas

  • Let students study our new rainwater harvesting system.  How does it work?  Why do we catch rainwater off a roof rather than just setting the barrel out in the open?  Older students can even learn how to calculate how much rain will be caught.
  • What happens to most life cycles as temperatures start to cool?  
  • Insects, trees, plants- can we see a common theme in how most of them react to a cooler season?
  • What does a successful habitat need to provide for wildlife? Food, water, cover for protection, and a place for wildlife to raise young.  Interested in having your students create a schoolyard habitat recognized by the National Wildlife Federation?  This can be a great year-long project for multiple grades and a satisfying accomplishment for students.  Ask me for more info!

If you have questions or would like volunteers to help your class learn in the garden, please contact me.  


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