1st Grade classes learn about PLANTS

9 Oct

Our first grade classes came out this week to visit the new garden classroom and learn more about plants and soil in the garden.  This was their first of the weekly classes they will have in the garden, with our lessons coordinating with their Pebbles, Sand and Silt science unit and then moving onto other areas. 

The first graders got right to work suggesting some rules for their garden, everything from “no picking without permission”  to “respect our garden” and “no squishing bugs”.  Our lesson for the day was learning what plants need for survival.  The students were able to help us list all the plant needs on the dry erase board.  Then we shared a trick to remember: P.L.A.N.T.S.

P lants need:
L ight
A ir
N utrients
T hirsty (water)
S oil

The we split into groups and Garden Buddies had the kids decide on what places outside were good to put plants based on what they had learned  They had it down pat!  Great job!  Our weather ranged from cloudy to rain to sunshine for our classes coming out.  But it was great having students come out and see the rain barrels filling up right before their eyes. 

A great first week of classes!  We hope many of these first graders will come with their families on October 15th from 9-3pm for our installation workday to expand our garden.  These guys will be planting in the new areas before you know it. 


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