News from the Titan Gardens – Week of October 17, 2011

21 Oct

Have you seen the new garden?  It is amazing what can be accomplished with the work of a community.  Thank you to all those who gave time to help with the garden installation workday.  If you would like your class to be involved in the planting of our native, herb or vegetable areas please let me know.  We will also be clearing out many of the old raised beds and these can be used by your class.  Please let me know if you want to use one and we will reserve it for you.

Titan Garden Activity Ideas

  • Make sure your students know the basics of plant survival- P.L.A.N.T. :  Place to put roots, Light, Air, Nutrients, Thirsty (Water).  Pick some spots in the garden (in a bed, on a tree branch, on the sidewalk) and have your students tell you if each place fits the PLANT requirements.  
  • Our herb wheel garden is a great place to learn about fractions since it is divided into equal “slices”.

Upcoming Events:

  • Fall wildflower stomp-Monday, October 24th during grade recess times.  We will be preparing an area by the classroom for the annual Wildflower Stomp.  Volunteers will come get a few classes at a time.  Parents invited as well!
  • Teacher tour of the garden –October 26th


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