First graders go planting in the new garden beds!

2 Nov

On Friday, Oct 21, the first graders came out to a whole new garden.  The weekend before saw many of them up at school helping to expand our garden with many new planting areas.  Now it was time to plant!  But before they would head out with their plants, we took a look at the mudshake we prepared at our last class and saw how different materials had separated out because of their size and weight. 

And on to planting.  Our awesome first grade gardeners really had their work cut out for them as they were going to be planting in the native garden and the herb wheel. 

We explored some of the new herbs in the herb wheel, smelling them, like lemon verbena, pineapple sage and lavender. 

We talked about how important it is to prepare the spot well for the new plant by digging a big enough hole and loosening the roots on the plant. Finally, everyone made sure to water their new plants in well.

The students successfully planted our Mediterranean herbs, Mexican herbs and lemon-scented herb areas. 


And with great native plant choices like  Mexican feather grass and salvias, we hope our native garden will be a great place to experience the garden no matter what our weather might bring.  Congratulations to all the first grade teachers and students who participated in building and planting the Titan garden areas.  More to come next week as our vegetable seeds will be going in!


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