News from the Titan Gardens: Week of November 7, 2011

9 Nov

Teachers, have you checked on their radish sprouts yet?  I have and I’ve seen green!!  It is very important to keep germinating seeds in slightly moist soil so we have been using our stored up rainwater to keep your radish seeds happy.  Check them out with your students.

Want to keep up with the news from the garden?  Our blog is easy to find at   You’ll find lots of news on what is happening in the garden seasonally as well as what other classes are using it for.  Want to feature your class in the garden?  Just tell us what you’re using it for and we will write it up.  Even better, snap a picture for us to post!

Titan Garden Activity Ideas

  •      Students need to practice their writing skills?  Try writing some garden poetry or do a guided writing exercise where students explore what it would be like to be a worm in the dirt crawling among the roots.
  •      Working on measuring?  There are lots and lots of areas to measure in the garden.  Students can even practice calculating volume and area with the raised beds. 
  •      Studying trees?  Trees are going through lots of changes right now with some dropping acorns, others having their leaves turn color or even losing them.  Have students notice these changes and write about them.

Enjoy the weather as it gets a bit cooler this week and check out all of our veggie sprouts coming up!


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