News from the Titan Garden: Week of November 14, 2011

17 Nov

Have you used our outdoor classroom at the Titan Garden?  There are lots of useful items there to help your class have a great experience.  Our new garden thermometer, measuring both Celsius and Fahrenheit, has been installed on the classroom post.  Other items in the classroom that your class can use include lap dry-erase boards, clipboards, and shovels. 

Our vegetable beds are alive with sprouts thanks to the great planting of our first grade garden classes.  Vegetables that are growing include kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, carrots, broccoli and spinach.  And don’t forget to check out the radish seeds planted by many of our teachers located in the cinder block holes. 

What happens when cooler weather rolls around?  Hopefully our new plants get a chance to settle in before any severe freezes happen.  Because we focus on native and adapted plants, many of them will freeze back but stay root hardy, meaning they will come back in the spring.  Our cool season vegetables will get some frost protection from row cover cloth if a hard freeze is forecast. 

New plant labels are appearing in the garden this week giving plant names and information. 

Titan Garden Activity Ideas

  • Studying water?  Let us help you put together a lesson on rainwater conservation where students can learn to measure how much water can be gathered from our roof in the garden and how fast our barrels will fill up. 
  • Plant growth is a great way to learn about graphing.  Have students measure the vegetable plants growing in the vegetable garden every week and chart their growth.
  • Looking at our garden is a great way to learn about weather, climate, environment and why certain plants do well here (native and adapted) and certain ones do not.  Discuss how our climate drives how our native plants look (hint:  conserving moisture is important to these plants)


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