2nd grade finding nature’s beauty

15 Dec

The RPE second graders came out recently to help make some beautiful nature wreaths for the garden.  We brought lots and lots of gorgeous material, all supplied by Mother Nature.  Roses, succulents, grasses, nandina berries, eucalyptus, pittosporum, salvias, magnolia leaves, rosemary, and lots more.  The kids did a great job of finding contributions in their own gardens to add to their class wreath.

This is our second year  doing nature wreaths and every year we wonder if the wreaths might end up being just a big mess of leaves.  And every year, the students show us how it is done and, let me tell you, they could give Martha Stewart some competition. 

This year, we also designed some ribbons out of raffia and the teachers chose the ribbon to add. 

While classmates were taking their turn at wreath making, the rest of the class was making sure our veggie beds were getting lots of water. 

So you be the judge and take a look at the fabulous nature wreaths made by our second grade classes.

I know, fabulous, right?  I am amazed that even though they were all given mostly the same plant materials, each class designed such a unique wreath.  Great job 2nd graders! 


One Response to “2nd grade finding nature’s beauty”

  1. vbdb December 15, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

    Simply beautiful!

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