Radish harvest in the Titan Garden

26 Jan
1st graders last week came out to the garden with one thing on their mind – radishes.
They knew the time had come to harvest radishes from the Titan Garden, but first they had to have some “garden care” time.  They split into groups and went to work picking out weeds and using lots of teamwork to dig them up  Other students watered different parts of the garden.

After caring for the garden, it was time for our harvest.  Only about 1/3 of the students said they had ever tried radishes so this would be a new experience for many of them.   And they could choose to try or not to try the radish.  First we dug up about 5 radishes per class.  Then the students helped clean them and get them ready for slicing.  A little salt sprinkled on top and the tasting begun. 

 Thoughts from the students:  “refreshing”, “yummy”, “kinda spicy” and the occasional “ewww”.  In the end, we asked them to give thumbs up or thumbs down on whether they liked the radish.

But the most telling sign they might like this something new that they tried?  After offering seconds and thirds to anyone who wanted them, there was not a single slice of radish left over.


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