Movin’ Up in the Titan Garden

8 Feb

We are moving up in the Titan Garden, and by that I mean making more room for our plants to grow up.  Because we like things that climb and are delicious- like snow peas…and cucumbers…and beans.  And we like fun things to walk under. 



So a few weeks ago we went and purchased two cattle panels, one of our favorite accessories in the garden. They can be used for climbing roses and perennial vines, but we LOVE to use them in the vegetable garden. And we wrap pipe insulation around the edges to  make sure they stay soft in case someone bumps into them. 


The kindergarten classes came out and planted snow peas at the bottom of these trellises.  And then it rained, and rained, and rained.  That is Mother Nature’s way of telling us that she likes our choice of accessories. 



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