Getting kindergarten to eat their vegetables…not hard after all!

30 Mar


How do you get over 100 kindergarteners to eat their vegetables?  Turns out it is not as tough as you would think.  First, you let them plant seeds in a garden and watch them grow.  Then you let them (and I say let them because these kids BEG to weed and water) work every week to keep that garden going strong. Oh, and teach them a few lessons about life cycles, bugs, worms, and, most importantly, how vegetables don’t sprout magically in the produce section of the grocery store. 



After all of that hard work, harvest some veggies, serve them up and ring the chow bell, because those kids came running.

Radishes on top?  Yes, please.  IMG_1570


Vinaigrette dressing?  Uh-huh.



Broccoli flowers to decorate and eat?  You bet!


“And can we have seconds??”

And no one complained about being served “green things”.  Way to go, kindergarten.  You guys are some of the best gardeners I know…and the hungriest. 


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