Kinder monkeys in the garden!

5 Apr

This week, we are happy to have a guest blogger, Ms. Stone, a kindergarten teacher at River Place Elementary. Her class has been gardening in the Titan Garden every week and working hard to keep it growing strong and beautiful.

Hi, my name is Ashley Stone, and I teach Kindergarten here at River Place Elementary. My students looooove Thursdays here at school, and the main reason is Thursday is Garden Day with Miss Bonnie!!! To tell you the truth, I’m a huge fan myself. We have learned so many cool and interesting things in the Titan Garden and we though it might be nice to share some of our favorites.

Most of the girls, Kara, Claire, Sydney and Tallie, adore the flower gardens, especially now that Spring has come and they are blooming in all different colors! Emma thinks they are “very pretty!” Hannah particularly likes the Snap Dragons because their mouths open and roar! Hayden and Alistair are fond of the wildflowers that are blooming all over the place. They love the Bluebonnets most of all because “they are our State Flower!” Carson loves to look at and feel the different kinds of leaves. My favorite is the lambs ear… they are sooo soft! One time Miss Bonnie even let each of us have one!!!

Although the flowers are delightful, the lettuce and veggies really attract Jaden’s attention. Travis has had so much fun planting new plants! Our first garden lesson entailed learning about plants needs and then we got to actually plant some! We have looooved watching our snow peas grow and curl as the vines climb the trellises.

Every time we are in the garden we just happen to notice some very special additions to garden life. “There’s so many cool bugs,” shared Sienna. Jett and Tucker think today’s caterpillars are awesome, especially when they get to see tomorrow’s butterflies! “Every time I sniff the flowers, I find a bee! I love bees!” exclaims DJ. Rex appreciates all the “different kinds of insects,” because our garden is just full of life!

Allayah and I love how we start each garden visit with a look around at all the new things that have happened since the last time we were there! Another special part of garden time is seeing who is volunteering each week! Rylie and Caitlin love having visitors… especially when Caitlin’s Mimi or Mommy comes! We love our volunteers and know that the garden wouldn’t be nearly as AWESOME without them!!!

Miss Stone and her Monkeys are huge fans and cannot wait until next Thursday!


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