Compost construction!

10 Apr

While kindergarten has been watching and caring for their composting worms, the 1st grade recently gave the garden another garden gift- two compost bins.  We liked the plan for these bins as they allowed a clear view of the composting process and allow rainwater to get in, and give access to the bottom to shovel out finished compost.


The bin is constructed with landscape timbers cut to even sizes and rebar coming up through the corners to hold it all together. 

The whole bin sits on concrete blocks to raise it up for access underneath.

The 1st graders really had to work as a team to get pieces on in the right order as well as lower the timbers at the same time on each end, as they would get stuck if one side went faster. 

Most importantly, we had to review the importance of working safe even with so many people involved. 

Finally, the bins are complete and we could add our bags of leaves that have been waiting for weeks for a place to go.

We discussed what kinds of insects can live in a compost bin and help all of the materials to break down naturally and why it is so fantastic to use composting in the garden for healthy plants as well as good use of our natural resources instead of sending grass and leaves to the landfill.  These students did an amazing job putting everything together and we look forward to using our homemade compost in the garden.


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