Little butterflies

24 May

Recently, our kindergarten students came out and learned about how insects use their senses to find food, shelter and friends.  They discussed what kinds of senses insects have.  Are they the same or different from ours?  Do they see things the same way?  Do they hear things?  Can they smell things?

They learned that insects often use their sense of smell to find things.  And then we introduced the Smelly Bug game. 


Our students magically turned into insects and had to find their partner insect who had the same smell they did.  All of this without uttering a single word, since bugs are not nearly as chatty as kindergarteners. 


They did a great job finding friendly bugs in their class. And then we turned the tables on the teachers and tested their sense of smell. 


Sometimes it took more than one sniff to really figure out if another bug was friend or foe.


Although most of our students were very eager to be a friendly bug to their teacher.


Thanks to all of the teachers and volunteers for their help.  And to all of our wonderful student/insects who have wonderful sniffing abilities!


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