Nature wherever you look

5 Jun

Seems like Mother Nature is going a bit wild in my home garden this week.  Lots happening from birds to butterflies. 

First, we finally got a gulf fritillary caterpillar on our Passion Vine.  He ate as fast as he could and before I knew it, we discovered him hanging upside down in his J-shape, getting ready to go into chrysalis. 



Thought I would check on him later that evening, but just 2 hours later…


he was already in his chrysalis.  Here’s a view from the side.  Amazing how fast they form. 



The other day, we kept seeing a bird fly into a paint bucket we have on a shelf outside.  We finally stuck a camera over the top and snapped a picture.  You can see the very creative nest guarded by three old sago palm ribs in a criss-cross pattern.  And the little babies tucked into a tunnel-shaped next. 



We also spotted some cardinals flying back and forth to our climbing rose, obviously preparing a nest.  A week or so ago we spotted some eggs in there.  Then last weekend, I stuck the camera over the top of the nest while mom and dad birds were out and here is the shot I got.


So cute and funny.  Hope everyone is having a lovely start to the summer.  I’ll be posting pictures of the Titan Garden throughout.


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