Veggies going strong

7 Jun

The veggie beds at the Titan Garden are going strong, thanks to our wonderful families who have adopted the garden for the summer to care for it.  This week, thanks to the Ferguson family (Ben is a second grader) for taking such good care of our lovely garden.


There are lots of cucumbers just getting started and tomatoes as well.  Our glorious chard is still going strong.  Sadly, it was time to pull out the snow peas that were planted by the kinder classes and some of the kale was ready to go as well.  But we are also watching our squash and peppers right now. Check out the slide show below!




These hot days and evenings can be very rough on the vegetable plants giving them very little time to rest and recover from the heat of the day.  And when plants are stressed, they are more susceptible to diseases and insect damage.  Warm season vegetables are also strong feeders and need regular doses of fertilizer to keep them going strong.  So I’ll be giving them a dose every few weeks and along with our awesome adopt-a-garden families, we’ll do our best to get a great summer crop. 


Miss you all in the garden and hope you’re having a great summer!


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