Life in the garden is more than plants

24 Jun

We had a family of cardinals in our home garden in June. We had watched the mom and dad build their nest and soon discovered the eggs in there.  Before we knew it, we heard tiny chirps.  For a week I would go out and take a picture every day.

We talk a lot to the kids in the Titan Garden about how our garden supports more than just plants.  It supports an entire food chain starting from plants and worms and moving up to larger animals like coyotes and hawks.  Even though we may not see these big animals, what grows in our garden and the habitat we have created supports their food chain at the bottom.  And the kinder and 1st graders know that a food chain without a strong bottom of the chain just falls apart. (Remember playing the Food Chain Game, guys?  When we needed to have more worms and beetles?)

So while we focus a lot on the plants that grow in the garden, I’d like to share some pictures of the birds that may also be living in our school garden habitat, like the ones that were born in my home garden. 

Day 1:  The babies just have light peach fuzz.  Only one is awake enough to start chirping for mom to come and feed it. 
but mostly they just sleep.

Day 2:  HUNGRY!! Feed me, feed me now.

Day 3:   Everyone else seems to be settled, but “Chubby” seems to always want food.  
but even hungry birds have to rest.

Day 5:  Feathers really coming in now and not as much manic crying for mom and dad. 

Day 6:  OK, so Chubby is still the one who cries.  But he also just likes to look out a lot. 

The next day, the little birds were gone. They were fairly well protected in our climbing rose, so I hope they just began their life out of the nest. 


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