Titan Garden emerges from summer better than ever!

1 Sep

August means getting ready for the kids to go back to school so we have been busy in the Titan Garden getting everything ship shape. Huge thanks to all of our adoption families who adopted the Titan Garden for a week at a time to take care of it through the summer. 
Everyone did an amazing job of garden care from watering, weeding to -FUN- harvesting!!   Our adopting families got to enjoy tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, chard and herbs all summer long as their payback. 
We have some great projects we have undertaken to make our garden even better.  First, we have added a task list chalkboard up at the garden where we will be able to list our Garden To Do list so anyone can come by and help anytime.  Or leave fun notes for us.   Second, we have added a drip irrigation system for the vegetable garden, which will help our watering chores.  Third, we have added some AMAZING new signs to the garden.
These signs provide education on all different aspects of the garden, like rainwater harvesting, solar panels, composting, growing vegetables, herb gardens and native plants and insects. DSC09846
We hope these signs will make class visits to the garden even more fun for students as well as provide information for community visitors.  Huge thanks to all those involved in making these signs happen:  Hill Country Education Foundation, Bonnie Martin, Marc Opperman, Vicki Blachman,  Travis County Agrilife Extension’s Horticulture Agent Daphne Richards and Entomologist Elizabeth Brown, Eric Swenson of Svendsson Brothers Custom and John Martin of Straight & Level Construction. 
Thanks everyone for all of the help you have given to continue making the Titan Garden a great space for students, teachers and families to use and enjoy.


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