Mud shakes and ladybugs for 1st grade

28 Sep

Ms. Phillips 1st grade came out for their first garden class of the year today. After exploring the garden and finds all different examples of plant parts, we talked about what plants need to stay alive. We can remember it all so easily by just saying the word PLANT. P is for place to grow. L is for light. A is for air. N is for nutrients. T is for thirsty when plants need to drink water.

Mud shakes were next on our activities. These are not the kind you want to eat but they are just as cool. We dug up some soil from our area, added some water and then shook it as much as we could. We talked about what will happen if we leave it for a week. Our predictions:

-it will rot
-it will dry out
-a plant will grow inside
-it will become dark, tough mud
-the leaves will get stuck in the mud

We will check it out again next week to see if our predictions are correct. We are trying to use out scientific methods of predictions and observations out in the garden. And right now we are starting to study soil and what it is made of in our science class.

Finally, we wanted to find out where all of the ladybugs in the garden are hanging out. We know you can find ladybugs easiest if you can find their favorite food- APHIDS!! Ms. Bonnie said she saw some aphids on the milkweed plant in the native garden. So we strolled over and sure enough, we saw ladybugs in different stages of their life cycle- pupa, larva and adult. Hopefully next time we can even see some ladybug eggs.

Location:River Place Elementary Titan Garden


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