Friday in the Garden 10.05.12

6 Oct

My wonderful first graders wrote this blog about our garden visit on Friday. I aided them only minimally. How amazing are they?

We go to the garden every Friday. We feel happy when we are around nature. Today was cool and windy. The temperature was 73F. We noticed lots of new things in the garden. Some of them were watermelon, purple plants, a butterfly, broccoli, a dead scorpion, and mushrooms made by an art class.

When we got back to the garden classroom we did a making soil activity. We filled a container with golf balls to represent sand. Even though it was full we could still fit more. We then fit pebbles to represent silt. The container was full but there was still more room so we added sand to show clay in soil. After that we put water and saw bubbles because air was trying to push to the top. Air is between all the particles. It was awesome that we got to create a model and help.

Next, we looked at our mud shake and saw all the stuff that’s in soil like leaves, worms, water, bark, silt, and clay. The last thing we did was plant lettuce and eat small red tomatoes. Garden was fun, we hope to go again soon. 


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