Friday in the Garden 10.19.12

19 Oct

Today was Rock Star Day because we have been studying rocks! Some of us had colored hair, spiky hair, and some of us dressed up. When we went to the garden Ms. Jo Anne said we looked like Rock Stars. 
Ms. Jo Anne showed us different types of soil and then showed us the Pomegranate tree. Our soil is good for growing Pomegranate trees. The Pomegranates looked like a kind of reddish brownish sphere. They had like a little tail. Then we went back to the garden classroom and she showed us the tough skin. You can not eat Pomegranate skin but you can eat the seeds. The Pomegranate looked soft on the inside and there were a lot of seeds. The seeds looked like little water balloons. Some of us would like to try one but they are not ripe yet.
After that we went to see which soil holds the most water with our rain simulator. We found out that the very last one held the most water which means most water went into the ground. This is good for plants’ roots. 
Last we saw caterpillars, watered our plants, and sang our Rock Song for Ms. Jo Anne.

Have a Rock Star day!!! 
-Ms. Phillips’ First Grade Foxes


One Response to “Friday in the Garden 10.19.12”

  1. Bonnie October 20, 2012 at 2:26 am #

    You guys rock!! Glad you had a great day in the garden.

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