Hidden pumpkins in the garden

24 Oct

Something new is standing out in the foliage and flowers of the Titan Gardens…


A huge thank you to Shelley Walters and her patch crew over at St. John’s United Methodist Pumpkin Patch for letting us scour their bruised pumpkin stack to bring pumpkins back to the Titan Garden for our students to explore.


Highlighted against our in-progress garden mural by Cindy Schexnayder. 


A very playful pumpkin close to a precious resource in the garden

We have had fun hiding them among the beautiful fall foliage in our garden and having them stand out among the blues, greens, purples and yellows.


Hiding among the fall scattering of Mexican Hat wildflowers


Nestled in among the Lamb’s Ear and Purple Fountain Grass


Snuggled in the Artemisia


Staying safe from vampires in the garlic chives.


Loving the flowers on the Black Foot Daisy


Trying to stand taller than the Flame Acanthus.


Perched atop Mossy.


Hanging out in the herb wheel.


Keeping the swallowtail caterpillars company.


Smelling the sage.


Admiring the chard.

We will be exploring pumpkins in our outdoor classes, seeing where the seeds are located and even tasting some pumpkiny things if we are lucky. But these pumpkins are sure to add color and laughter to our garden exploits.


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