Our garden grows with love from every direction…

29 Oct

When I am asked what makes the Titan Garden successful, one of the things I always reply is “a lot of help from a lot of people.”  We could not keep our school garden growing without the help we receive from parent volunteers, community volunteers, students, teachers and school administration.  And one of the ways we love to have volunteers involved in our garden program is through our Adopt-A-Garden program.  Every week, we give a school family a chance to adopt the Titan Garden for that week, be its caretaker, enjoy the garden care, the inhabitants and even the harvest when we have extra. 

One of our most recent adopting families was the Radloff family.  Paige Radloff, a 1st grader, helped her mom take care of the garden including watering but also did some exploring.  Here, in her own words, is a bit about her week in the garden.

Last week I helped Mom take care of the garden.  I watered the herb wheel and I saw…ladybugs, caterpillars, spiders and a little weird thing that flies.  Ladybugs help our garden by eating bad bugs.  Caterpillars were NOT helping because they were eating all the plants!  The spider was a BIG daddy long leg!  The weird thing was just sitting there on a plant.  I have not experienced it yet.  The weird thing looked like a large wasp.  It flew away and that was it.  Our garden is beautiful!

Thanks Paige for your write-up.  And thanks to you and your family for the care and love you have given our garden.  


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