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Friday in the Garden 11.09.12

16 Nov

Last Friday I was watching my wonderful nephews so I missed out on garden but my precious Foxes made it. We have also missed a couple of Friday’s due to happenings around school, and we are glad to be back! Instead of a class blog, the kids wrote their own blogs and drew pictures to match. Their writing is something I love to read and it is so fun to decode! I have transcribed exactly what they wrote and have translated if necessary, and if possible :). Enjoy. 

“My klas wint to the garden we had to mack (make) 3 gropts (groups) my grop solal (saw) 2 foze (fuzzy) kelallipitrst (caterpillars).”

“Today at the garden we meshered across the flower bed. And it was fun!”

“Today at the garden we did ourvashin (observation) and the timchr (temperature) was 72. we medrd (measured) the lef (length) of the bed and we medr (measured) the lef of the sasis (spaces) beteing (between) the cabbages.”

“We went to The garden. We haded a grat time at the garden. I like the garden. We all like the garden. I Sal (saw) a cadapiler, Pumkin and Plants.” 

“I so (saw) a dutrfiy (butterfly) it wus coold (cool) it had culrz. I so (saw) a pucin (pumpkin) to I Thot (thought) They were cud cep lon I like to crv (carve) a pucin!”

“At the garden! We wint to the garden we adsrd (observed). I fand (found) Bees and a fusi (fuzzy) cadipilr! I Love the garden!…” 

“Garden i saw a catapilr on a plan (plant) NO MORE” 

“We megrd (measured) in detwingn (between) plans (plants) it whus (was) so fun! it whus are (our) first time to do it!”

“Helo Ms. P at the garden we saw fuzzy caterpillers. I experenst (experienced) kale. I miss you! =(“

“fest (first) uwr (our) clas did upvshin (observation) in ufvshin (observation) we did look for plant an (and) insat (insects)” 

“Friday at the garden. I sold (saw) a catrpilr it wus (was) posis (poisonous) and cabbages. I mis you biy (bye).” 

“we whel (went) to The GarbeN iT Was f We So (saw) Caplirs Thay (they) wor (were) Black Tay SPrK”

“we wint to the goridn (garden) thin we got in to grops (groups) we magrd (measured) bockle (broccli) and marugolds (marigolds)!”

“We went garden and my class observd.”

“I wit (went) to the garden I sllae (saw) 7 calrpilr (caterpillars) and I sllae (saw) plis it was fune.”

“My flower was growing.”

“I ma (am) at the godin (garden) toobay (today) we muJrd (measured) plantS.”

Aren’t they just precious?!? 
Measuring using nonstandard units
Making observations


Titan Olympics!

2 Nov
Our students were pretty busy this week so we didn’t get our regular garden time.  Some of them have visited to take care of their plants anyway and we have our awesome annual wildflower stomp on Monday.  But what kept them so busy this week?  Well ,today was Olympic Field Day and our Titans began the day with the opening ceremony in which they formed the Olympic rings. 

Great news is that we are back in the garden next week and will catch up with our cool season vegetables.  I laugh as I type that since it went up to 90 degrees today…on the 2nd of November.  Some cool season!

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