Friday in the Garden 11.30.12

10 Dec

Today was a beautiful day to be outside. We made wreaths from items in nature and tried sunflower seeds. My adorable Foxes each wrote their own blogs. Here is today’s experience in their own words. Enjoy. 
The first thing we did was…Make a wreath we loved it. I hope we go again.
First we go the garden. Next we did observation and got flower seeds. Then we switched places. Last we decorated a wreath and a teacher hung it on the fence. 
First we went to the garden and we split the class. On my first one we explored the garden.  Next we had another station. We made a wreath. I love garden days. Bye bye.
(back reads: The garden rocks!)

At the garden. Today we went to the garden. We met adults Mrs. Joanne and Mrs. Patty. Next, we split up to make wreaths. I got to eat…more sunflower seeds. In the garden is Awesome!!
(back reads: our wreath was awesome!!!!!!)

First we went to a table that was filled with nature. Next Ms. Jo Anna said we were going to make a wreath. Then we went over to another part of the garden and saw a dead sunflower and Ms. Jo Anna said they put out their seeds and you could eat them. It was a wonderful day! 
First we went to observe the garden. We saw cauliflower. Next we went to the other side and finished the wreath that the other [part of the] class started. We put the wreath on the fence. I had fun today!

Foxes at the garden. First we went to the garden. We got split up in two. I went with the 2nd group. Next we made a wreath. Then we had the most delicious seed ever in my life!
We went to the garden. It was cold outside a little bit. We made a wreath too. Next we switched groups. Next we observed the garden.
Today we made a Christmas decoration. We made it awesome! We looked eated our plants. We ate seeds.
Firs we explored the garden. Next we split into two groups and they have 8 and 9. I want to go to the garden again. Last we lined up. I want to go to the garden again.

Today we went to the garden. The first thing we did is split up. One of the groups did the wreath. The other group looked at stuff. 


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