Gardens and Magic go together like…

11 Dec

Gardens and magic go together like peanut butter ad jelly.  So when our kindergarten and 1st graders are examining fairy tales and fiction in the classroom, we have fun in the garden by having fairy tale day where we create fairy tales with settings or characters from our garden. 


Here are a few creations from our kindergarten authors:

The Magical Pomegranate


Once upon a time, a little girl was in the Titan Garden. She was picking flowers on a snowy day to give to her mom when she returned home from work. Suddenly, she saw a yellow and black caterpillar and it crawls over to a pomegranate tree. There, she sees a huge, sparkly, rainbow-colored pomegranate. She picks and eats a seed and suddenly she turns into a garden fairy. She spends her fairy day keeping the flowers beautiful and fresh. And she lived happily ever after. The end.


The Very Special Plant

Once upon a time there was a radish named Logan. He grew to be as big as an elephant. One day the monkeys came to the garden and saw Logan the radish. They were so hungry they wanted to eat him but Logan the radish ran away to his car and drove to a town where 100s of radishes like him lived. And they all lived happily ever after in a radish world. The end!


The Magic Wreath


Once upon a time, there was a prince and princess who lived in a kingdom with the most beautiful garden. In the garden, there was a magical wreath. The wreath could turn a person into any animal. The prince and princess would wish to be a deer one day, vipers another day, and then giraffes and tigers on another. Then they would run and play in the forest and have so much fun. They would play all day until the Queen would call them home for dinner. And they lived happily ever after.


The Rainbow Pumpkin Vine

Once upon a time in a forest a king and queen were on a discovery walk. The found a secret garden hidden in the forest and notice a beautiful pumpkin vine. There were many pumpkins and each one was a different color. They picked one that was blue and it tasted like blueberry. They said, “This is good and yummy!” They picked a white pumpkin and it tasted like marshmallow. They picked a pink one and it tasted like strawberry. They took many home and every day they tried a new flavor and lived happily ever after.


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